Green Home Systems

You can become a leader in green technology for your community. The Rain Barrels Pgh green home products are systems that bring nature into your life. Convert your home or office from consuming resources and start producing food, water, and energy. We use affordable technology to save you money and time.

Water Management Systems

Self-sustaining Aquaponic Systems

DECO partners with Seed Aquaponics to install and design water-based food growing systems. Fish grow in the water tank that captures and uses rainwater. A plant bed grows fresh produce with soil. Standard and customized systems are available. Power it with solar for a net positive water and energy nexus. Why it matters: Aquaponics produce fresh food with less maintenance than traditional gardens. Aristotle said, “let your food be your medicine.”

  • Standard systems installed $2,500

Flow-Through Planter Garden

The flow-through planter garden can be installed on grass or concrete. It provides clean soil for planting vegetables or decorative plants. The engineered soil is designed to help capture and transpire rainwater. This system can be custom built per location. Why it matters: Some urban areas have contaminated soil or no dirt at all. This unit is completely above ground to grow plants while capturing and storing rainwater.

  • Design of system $250 + Construction (cost varies)

Rain Barrels

The DECO rain barrel is a repurposed 55 gallon olive drum. Using repurposed materials keeps your costs down and reduces your carbon footprint. A single rain barrel system can capture up to 1,500 gallons of rainwater per year. The water can be used to water plants or for cleaning around the home and more. Why it matters: Stormwater is a precious resource, but overflow can become polluted and cause destruction downstream. This rain barrel will slow down rainwater so it can be used later during dry weather or whenever you need it.

  • Installed $249

Smart Energy Solutions

Solar Environmental Hub

The Solar Environmental Hub is a stand-alone solar energy unit that comes in two sizes, including 50 watts and 100 watts. The hub includes a battery and will power various devices including pumps, lights, and WiFi nodes. Why it matters: This off-grid DC unit gives you energy independence and produces 100% renewable energy where you need it.

  • 50 Watt: $300
  • 100 Watt: $400

Sign-up for Wind Energy

Green Mountain Energy delivers 100% renewable energy to your home using the grid. Produced through wind power, DECO can connect you with renewable electricity at market rates. Why it matters: Currently, our region only consumes about 4% renewable energy. By switching your energy producer to Green Mountain Energy, your money is going to support clean electricity, which is better for our air, water, and communities.

  • Switching to renewable energy through DECO gives you a $25 discount on any product.

Communication Technology

Wifi Node

The Meta Mesh WiFi node provides data and communication remotely. The nodes come in two styles, indoor and outdoor. When paired with an existing internet connection, the node can serve internet access up to several blocks away. Why it matters: In today’s age of technology, we all need internet access, but not everyone has it. Now they can. Watch our video on pairing solar WiFi and aquaponics:

  • Indoor node: $250
  • Outdoor node: $300 (for standard installation)

Monitoring Cameras

Monitoring cameras offer a fun and hands-on introduction to understanding internet connectivity and live-streaming data while ensuring security for your property. Please request a price, as costs vary per installation. Cameras can be run in conjunction with WiFi node or other internet connection. Why it matters: Capturing image data over time can help visualize trends. This system can be used to evaluate plant growth over time among other innovative uses.

Images captured by the monitoring cameras are accessible in real-time and archived from computer or mobile platforms, as illustrated in the screen capture above. Check on your systems throughout the day from any location!

Complete Home & Custom Systems

Soil, Air, & Water Testing

DECO serves as a regional leader in monitoring of air, soil, and water quality. Use data to better understand potential contaminants and ensure safety. Our technicians can provide tech support and routine maintenance. Prices are available upon request.

  • Common tests: Lead in drinking water: $45 Total coliform bacteria: $100

Green Design & Sustainability Consulting

As an experience consulting and design firm, we align ourselves with a wide variety of local partners to offer our clients the best results. Using sustainability as strategy for project management, our work will save you time and money on your project. Contact us to see how we can best support your commitment to environmental protection. Standard rates are as follows:

  • Principal: $160/hour
  • Low Impact Development Engineering: $125/hour
  • Design (CAD, building design, modeling): $95/hour
  • Project Scientist or Project Manager: $65/hour
  • Administrative: $35/hour
  • Expenses: 1.15 times cost

Completely Green Home Package

The standard package is installed by DECO at a total cost of $3,800 and includes:

  • a solar environmental hub – renewable off-grid energy
  • indoor and outdoor WiFi node – communications
  • rain barrel – stormwater management
  • aquaponics garden – gardening
  • wind power for home electricity – renewable grid energy

All items can be purchased separately. Please review the following list for complete products and services. All products were designed with reused or recycled materials where possible and are built by entrepreneurs who seek new skills to reclaim our communities. We invite you to become part of the green movement.