Rain Barrels Pittsburgh Process

Ordering & Scheduling

  1. Begin by ordering the quantity of rain barrels you would like to have installed.
  2. Once an order is received, a representative will contact you by email or phone.
  3. The representative will schedule your rain barrel installation.
  4. On the agreed upon date & time, your rain barrels will be installed.

note: A resident or property owner must be present for the installation.

Rain Barrel Installation

  1. Upon arrival to the installation site, the desired location will be assessed for safety and structural integrity.
  2. Once the site has been approved by our rain barrel installation experts, a location for building the foundation is determined. The exact placement is based on the desired use of the rain barrel water and proximity to rain gutter downspout. The foundation is a two-row brick base.
  3. After the foundation is build, the downspout diverter is measured and installed.
  4. The rain barrel is set on the foundation and connected to the downspout diverter.
  5. The system is tested and ready to begin collecting rain water for years to come.

If you have any questions our would like to make special arrangements regarding you rain barrel installation please contact us at sales@deco-resources.com or (412) 326-9783.

Recent Rain Barrel Installation Photos

Installation is currently only provided to the Southwest PA and the greater Pittsburgh region. Please review our service area to see if we can assists you with rain barrels or rain harvesting systems.