Green Education

Green Infrastructure Video Series

What is green infrastructure and how might it benefit you? DECO Resources answers this question with a series of talk at Phipps Conservatory’s Center for Sustainable Landscapes. There four topics covered are: green roofs, rain gardens, existing pavement, and Pavers. The series was funded by a PWSA GI Project Grant and we worked with 3 Rivers Wet Weather and Pashek Associates.

Green Roofs

Part I – Types of Green Roofs

Part II – Green Roof Design & Maintenance

Part III – Soil Nutrition and Plants

Part IV – Green Roof Irrigation

Part V – Green Roof Conclusions

Rain Gardens

Part I – Introduction to Rain Gardens

Part II – Plant Selection

Part III – Rain Garden Construction

Part IV – Problems & Solutions

Part V – Rain Gardens Conclusions

Previous Pavement

Part I – Pavement Introduction

Part II – Design

Part III – Pavement Maintenance

Part IV – Deicing

Part V – Pavement Conclusions


Part I – Pavers Introduction

Part II – Paver Design

Part III – Installation

Part IV – Applications

Part V – Winter Maintenance