Rain Barrels Pittsburgh Project

Rain Barrels Pittsburgh’s primary goal is to reduce water pollution in the Southwest, PA & Pittsburgh region by providing low-cost market solutions. The initial effort was designed to reduce rainwater runoff by focusing on at-home rain barrel installations. It has since expanded to provide home and business owners with additional systems around food, water, energy, communications, transportation, and technology.

This project is a collaborative project run by two companies operating out of the Work Hard Pittsburgh’s co-working space: Deco Resources, and Team Tusick.

DECO Resources

DECO is one of Pittsburgh’s premiere sustainability consulting firms. They provide air, soil, and water analysis, corporate sustainability planning, and green infrastructure technology. Since being founded in 2013, they have worked on many of the region’s most prominent¬†projects. Their work in water management at Phipps Conservancy¬†and Botanical Gardens has generated the most recognition. Recently, DECO has been producing the PWSA Green Infrastructure Video Series.