rain barrels

residential green infrastructure


Pittsburgh averages 38 inches of rainfall annually

Rain Barrel Benefits


Free Source of Naturally Soft Water

Encourage Groundwater Recharging

Save on Sewage & Water Bills

Reduce Water Pollution

Rain barrel water is great for everything from washing your car to watering your lawn.

Rain Barrels Installations Start at $249

Rain Barrels Pittsburgh is a residential sustainability design firm. We provide practical and immediately impactful products, like rain barrels, and self sustaining aquaponics systems to make your home more environmentally friendly. We have systems for water management, energy, & home technology.

Our flagship service is our professional rain barrel installation. For one flat-fee we will deliver and install a 55 gallon rain barrel to your house or commercial property. If you are looking for additional rainwater harvesting, then we can connect multiple barrels or furnish additional barrels to another downspouts.

Our crew has installed hundreds of rain barrels and rain harvesting systems throughout the southwest PA region. In addition, we are regional leaders in environmental and sustainability educational programming. You can trust in our expertise to advise you on the best sustainability solutions. If you have any question about our green products or services please send us a message or give us a call.


Solar Powered Aquaponics System

We created a smart and completely self-sustaining ecosystem to producing food and energy for a community garden in Millvale, PA. We encourage you to watch the whole video to learn about this exciting green project.

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